5 Ways Role Play Helps in the Bedroom

Role playing in the bedroom is an intimate way to help each other explore fantasies, try something new, strengthen communication and build a deeper relationship.

It offers variety.

Those who are in monogamous relationships may feel variety is missing. Now we’re not trying to dig on that, being in a monogamous relationship with someone you love is incredible in many ways. All we are saying is that role playing allows partners to experience something new and different in the bedroom without the need for additional or varied partners. It’s a good way to keep things new and fresh while remaining committed and increasing trust and intimacy.

Helps strengthen communication. 

For a role play session to be successful, both partners need to be extremely communicative with one another before, during, and after the session. It’s important to clearly express your desires and comfort levels beforehand to ensure that everyone is on the same page about what’s fair game and what isn’t. During the session, open communication helps you both to feel confident and fully enjoy what you’re doing, even if you’re pretending to be someone else. Post session, it’s good idea to ‘debrief’ and talk about what you enjoyed, didn’t, and whether it’s something you might want to do again.

Safe place to express your fantasies. 

Everyone has sexual fantasies, but not everyone feels comfortable expressing or acting upon them. When you role play, you are given the opportunity to express your fantasies as that person or persona, which may make you feel more comfortable sharing and experiencing your wildest sexual dreams.

Increases intimacy and trust.  

Being yourself in a relationship takes confidence and a level of comfortability with your partner, but role playing takes your comfort to a whole new level. Choosing to step outside of yourself and be someone else entirely is a vulnerable experience. That vulnerability can bring you and your partner to a deeper level of intimacy and trust.

Makes it easier to introduce new ideas like toys or different locations.

When in character, it may be easier to express yourself. Maybe you’ve always wanted to add toys into the bedroom or experiment with getting busy on the kitchen counter but were too shy to ask. Whatever it is, it might be easier for you to share your desires while in character, as opposed to as yourself.

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