Flintts Mints - Lemon F-250

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Flintts are made with best pharmaceutical-grade ingredients available. This ensures a safe and uniform experience.

We use ingredients that are vegan and absent of genetically modified organisms. We have also made a commitment to choose ingredients with minimal impact on the environment by maximizing biodegradability and minimizing toxicity. 

A sugar substitute with a near-zero glycemic index. It’s made from beets grown without any genetic modification. It provides pleasant sweetness and a slight cooling sensation, and is teeth-friendly.

An extremely common non-caloric sweetener. It is made from sugar. We chose this sweetener because of its near-zero toxicity to both people and the environment. Even better, it tastes nice. We use a top-of-the-line sucralose, sourced from Germany, which does not include bulkening starches that generally contain GMO product.

This aids in the flow of powder ingredients to ensure uniformity of formula. Ours is produced from sustainable palm oil.

The ‘nutrition label’ name for our blend of plant extracts, which each contribute to the mints' mouth-watering and sparkling effects. Mainly, Flintts' superpowers come from the Spilanthes flower, which is native to the Amazon.

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